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Hesi Boost


Complete organic fertiliser for intensifying flowering.

A mixture of fruit enzymes, plant sugars and fruit extracts.

HESI BOOST is a very effective flowering stimulator. It ensures an early and larger flowering. HESI BOOST is suitable for all media.

This specially designed combination of nutrients increases the leaf density, reduces leaf distance and boosts the plant's energy for a strong and stout growth.

This powerful organic nutrient solution increases the number of flower buds of your orchids and strawberries.


HESI BOOST on Orchidsfertilizer.com



HESI SuperVit is a highly concentrated plant stimulator comprised of 15 plant-activ vitamins and 10 amino acids.

Vitamins for the plants:
Vitamins and amino acids are both building blocks and biocatalysts in general metabolism. They structure the DNA (the genetic material) and plant hormones (cytokinins and gibberellins) which control the growth of leaves and flowering of plants. The vitamins and amino acids also play an active role in photosynthesis and the supply of energy.

What does HESI SuperVit do:
SuperVit is a highly concentrated solution of plant-active vital elements, which are produced naturally by fungi. SuperVit replaces the function of the fungi and makes the plant less dependent of climatic conditions.
The plants can optimally process the light offered (more photosynthesis). This starts the growth of a strong and healthy plant, and strong flowering shoots form.

SuperVit on HESI Website:

SuperVit on Orchidsfertilizer.com

HESI SuperVit

TNT Complex

HESI TNT Complex is a high quality plant fertiliser for green potted plants, flowering plants and in particular orchids.

TNT Complex is particularly effective, but very gentle to plants. One reason for this is that the nitrogen is almost 100 % organic (urea), and thus protects the sensitive orchids. In this way, among other benefits, the plants are loaded with a minimum of salt, which is optimal for young plants and especially orchids.

TNT-Complex on HESI Website:

TNT-Complex on Orchidsfertilizer.com
TNT Complex

Bloom Complex

HESI Bloom Complex is a high quality enriched fertiliser optimized for flowering plants.

Bloom Complex contains additional vital elements that are active for blooming; these increase the plant's energy and maintain healthy flora in the soil and roots.

HESI Bloom Complexcontains pH correction, which changes the fertiliser solution to a slightly acidic pH value optimal for the plants.

HESI Bloom Complex is recommended for orchids during flower formation to offset the increased need for phosphorus and potassium. This can be optimized 1 - 2 times by the addition of HESI Phosphorus Plus.

Bloom-Complex on HESI Website:

Bloom-Complex on Orchidsfertilizer.com

Blüh Complex

Phosphorus Plus

HESI Phosphorus Plus gives extra phosphorus and potassium to flowering and blooming plants.

Flowering plants have a constantly growing need for phosphorus and potassium. With HESI Phosphorus Plus, the right amount of these is added at the right time.

The pH correction contained in HESI Bloom Complex is also active in combination with HESI Phosphorus Plus

HESI Phosphorus Plus is also suitable for all forms of phosphorus or potassium deficiency.

Phosphorus-Plus on HESI Website:

Phosphorus-Plus on Orchidsfertilizer.com

Phosphor Plus

Root Complex

HESI Root Complex is a plant stimulator for healthy roots.

At the same time, through the activation of the bacteria in the soil, the absorption of fertiliser into all plant substrates is optimised, leading to healthy plant growth and improved strength.

Especially after planting or repotting, HESI Root Complex ensures the rapid forming of new roots and creates the conditions for a functioning photosynthesis. The stress after repotting is significantly reduced.

Root Complex contains a large amount of vital nutrients which supply the plants immediately with additional energy and improve metabolism.

HESI Root Complex is a stimulator and does not contain fertiliser. It does not increase the salinity (conductance), is pH neutral and can be used together with a fertiliser.

Root-Complex on HESI Website:

Root-Complex on Orchidsfertilizer.com

Root Complex

Power Zyme

HESI Power Zyme is a cellulase extract from the trichoderma fungus (a so-called ascomycete, or also ascomycota), which decomposes the cellulose of dead plants into recoverable dextrose. This dextrose serves as nutrition for roots and for soil and root fauna.

HESI Power Zyme provides an oxygen-rich root environment by avoiding decay and improves the biological balance.

HESI Power Zyme interacts in the soil and root fauna between the plants, the substrate and the microorganisms found there.

HESI Power Zyme is suitable for all types of cultures.

Power-Zyme on HESI Website:

Power-Zyme on Orchidsfertilizer.com



gently to the plant & strong in effect

HESI OrchiVit is a combination of nutrients, trace minerals and extra vital nutrients.
HESI OrchiVit ensures rapid growth and profuse flowering.

The extra vital nutrients improve the metabolism and the photosynthesis and boost the development of a healthy microflora for the optimal absorption of nutrition.

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