HESI - Power Zyme - soil additive

HESI Power Zyme is a cellulase extract from the trichoderma fungus (a so-called ascomycete, or also ascomycota), which decomposes the cellulose of dead plants into recoverable dextrose. This dextrose serves as nutrition for roots and for soil flora.

HESI Power Zyme provides an oxygen-rich root environment by avoiding decay and improves the biological balance.

HESI Power Zyme interacts in the soil and root flora between the plants, the substrate and the microorganisms found there.

HESI Power Zyme is suitable for all types of cultures.

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HESI Power Zyme, a soil additive based on trichoderma cultures.

>20% cellulase-extract from Trichoderma viride

all plants / all culture types 2 ml / Liter
use 1-2 times weekly


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HESI Power Zyme is a pure soil additive,
with almost no nutritional components.

The following table shows that there are no additional fertilisers or metals.

<0,01% N- total
<0,01% Nitrate-N
<0,01% P2O5
<0,03% K2O
<0,01% MgO
<0,01% S
<5mg/l Fe
<5mg/l Cu
<5mg/l Zn
<5mg/l Mn
<5mg/l B
<5mg/l Mb
<0,05mg/l Co
<0,2 mg/l I (J)

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HESI OrchiVit
HESI OrchiVit

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