HESI SuperVit - a highly concentrated plant stimulator

OrchiVit zoomable with PHP HESI SuperVit is a highly concentrated plant stimulator comprised of 15 plant-activ vitamins and 10 amino acids.

Vitamins for the plants:
Vitamins and amino acids are both building blocks and biocatalysts in general metabolism. They structure the DNA (the genetic material) and plant hormones (cytokinins and gibberellins) which control the growth of leaves and flowering of plants. The vitamins and amino acids also play an active role in photosynthesis and the supply of energy.

Orchids and vitamins:
All plants need vitamins to live, just like we humans. Unlike people, plants can produce all the necessary substances themselves, starting with inorganic fertilisers, water and carbon dioxide.

If additional quantities of these substances are made available to the plants, the plants use them direct and save energy, which is then available for other purposes.

What does HESI SuperVit do:
SuperVit is a highly concentrated solution of plant-active vital elements, which are produced naturally by fungi. SuperVit replaces the function of the fungi and makes the plant less dependent of climatic conditions.
The plants can optimally process the light offered (more photosynthesis). This starts the growth of a strong and healthy plant, and strong flowering shoots form.

At every watering or spraying, 2 drops in 10 litres of water or
1 ml / 50-65 litre water


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HESI OrchiVit

* Quote of an orchid club which carried out long-term and extensive testing on our products:

“These three matched components have commended the company HESI to us for orchid culture and considerable success can thus be achieved.

The use of this fertilizer method improved some cultures of our members and led to considerable flowering results.

Moreover, HESI has a flowering fertiliser with higher levels of phosphorus and potassium to boost flowering.

A window sill specialist in our group has established that more flowers and a longer flowering time can be achieved with it.

Some members of our group have also tested the product Power Zyme, which contains the enzymes that are so important to the soil fungi.

It decomposes organic residues and makes them available to the plant. An additional use of this product is as a growth stimulator, although it was actually designed for "normal" potting soil.”

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Hesi PowerZyme
HESI PowerZyme

HESI OrchiVit
HESI OrchiVit

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