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"In a good and effective plant nutrition, not only the nutrients are important:"

Additionally, environmental factors such as the microflora in the root area, the sugar balance and the photosynthesis must be optimised if possible. Together with the salt-free Urea* nitrogen of the TNT Complex, SuperVit and Root Complex do this exceptionally well.

HESI OrchiVit orchid fertiliser consists, among other ingredients, of a combination of HESI TNT Complex, HESI Root Complex and HESI SuperVit. It is a concentration that is optimally adapted to the needs of orchids. It has been tested and optimised with great success over several years.

Besides the NPK nutrient components, trace elements, calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and sulfur (S), there is no other fertiliser that offers such a wide range of essential important vitamins, amino acids and plant-active enzymes.

Your darling plants will love you after only a few applications!!!

Besides OrchiVit we would like to introduce you to our other fertilisers, which are based on a modular principle. This website provides additional information on how to use these products. We also recommend the reading of various articles, all of which can be found here, in our botanical library.

All the fertilisers and supplements featured here are prepared using only the purest raw materials; they are fibre-free and therefore residue-free.

***All the products featured here are available only from specialist distributors. A direct sale is excluded. A list of official OrchiVit sales outlets can be found under the heading Distributors!***

HESI OrchiVit

However, experts in the field of orchid breeding tend to fall back on the modular system, but since hobby breeders and beginners can´t always respond optimally to the needs of the orchids, OrchiVit is the better alternative.

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Hesi OrchiVit - complete orchid fertiliser

Gentle to the plant & strong in effect

HESI OrchiVit is a combination of nutrients, trace minerals and extra vital nutrients.
HESI OrchiVit ensures rapid growth and profuse flowering.

The extra vital nutrients improve the metabolism, photosynthesis and boost the development of a healthy micro-flora for the optimal absorption of nutrition.
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slow-growing orchids:
fast-growing orchids:
leaf fertilisation:
other plants:
1ml / litre irrigation water
2-3ml / litre irrigation water
0,5-1 ml / litre spray solution
2,5-5 ml / litre irrigation water

HESI OrchiVit is available in: 0,5L - 1L - 2.5L and 5L Containers


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Special fertilizer for: Vanda, Brassia, Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, Dendrobium, Cymbidium, Miltonia, Colmanara, Cambria, Cattleya, Paphiopedilum, Rossioglossum, Odontonia, Zygopetalum ...
Composition: NPK fertiliser solution 5+2+4

Nitrogen(N) - 4,97%
0,64% NO3-N nitrate nitrogen
4,32% Carbamide-N* urea nitrogen

Phosphorus (P2O5) - 2,44%

Potassium oxide (K2O) - 3,77%

Ca 0,03%, Mg 0,38%, S 0,30%.
Chelate-bound trace elements: Fe (chelating agent: EDDHA 0,0028%) Zn (0,0013%), Mn (0,0021%), Cu (chelating agent: EDTA 0,0007%) as well as B (0,0028%), Mo (0,0003%).
Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, E and folic acid.
Vital elements: adenine, adenosine, PABA, inositol.
Amino acids: glycine, alanine, tyrosine, serine; proline, histidine, leucine, E202.

*ureum- Urea consists of 100% organic nitrogen. Thus, the saline load is reduced, which is perfect for orchids, young and salt-sensitive plants.
OrchiVit is a complete fertiliser for orchids. Besides the good compatibility of salt-free ureum*nitrogen, the added vitamins ensure excellent nutrition intake as well as improved photosynthesis and metabolism.

They not only strengthen the plant directly but also ensure a functioning microflora in the root area. Visible success after only a few applications.

For ailing or badly stressed plants, we recommend the addition of 0.5ml SuperVit* per litre nutrient solution.
(*These are vital substances, highly dosed)

If you can NOT keep an eye on your orchids 24/7, then choose HESI OrchiVit !!!

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